We Commit To Big & Creative Ideas.

Avendale Entertainment is an entertainment media company that explores many genres and story ideas. Since it’s true that two heads are better than one, we draw strength from collaboration.

Family First.

“Family” is a word in entertainment that has lost its salt. Avendale Entertainment believes the flavor should return.

Entertainment for the family

At last, family entertainment that promotes traditional values, doesn’t compromise, and doesn’t suck. Read Avendale Entertainment’s Mission Statement.

It's a movement, not a fad

Avendale Entertainment is a force for change, not a passing fad. We believe that quality media is hard to find but the reward is worth the journey. Find out what makes Avendale Entertainment a media company with a commitment to change the face of family entertainment.

What We Do.

We create transmedia entertainment across the media spectrum. With a focus on books, we are steadily engaging the family with stories that inspire and entertain.


The foundation of excellent entertainment is storytelling. That’s why AE focuses on developing and writing the best.


As stories are ready to transition from the page to the screen, AE partners with top teams to bring you films and series.


Whether a book, film, streaming series, comic book, or another form of media, we specialize in delivering family entertainment that doesn’t suck.

Projects – Current and in development

Grow with us.

Follow us as we continue to develop media entertainment for the entire family.